Cruise ship   

                       Franco Sumberaz exexuted wide works for private and public buildings as well as for cruising ship in the internal architecture field (furnishing), collaboratine with the most important italian architects: Studio de Jorio – Fin Cantieri _ Genova,Minaos Lines – Greece,Soc.Grimaldi Italy.
The aquired experience as a Professor of history of art and architectonic Drawing,together with the restorations of great maestro,s frescos (Piero della Francesca – Arezzo,Paolo Veronese – Venezia,Il Bronzino – Pesaro) has been of a great importance in developing Sumberaz growth.
The showed works refer,a san example ,to the creative and professional potentiality,to the strict technique ,usig modern materials (Forex,colored concrete,mosaic,rolled sections,ect…)as well as traditional ones (board,wood lamella panel,plaster wall,fresco,fabric ect.).


Cruise ship “La Superba” – Soc. Grimaldi
Internal architecture _ Studio De Jorio _ Genova
Construction Cantieri Navali Marina di Carrara

Wide dimension works , m.5xm.3, m.2xm.2…”The large laid tables,the banquets,the figures,the details” all executed with a free artistic interpretation,trace back to a pictorial vision,to a memory of roman and renaissance fresco style.

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Cruising ship Knossos Palace 1 – Minoan Lines – Greece
Internal architecture – Studio De Jorio – Genova

Some works have been painted of Forex (fireproof material) and pthers ones on mosaic made by Soc.Bisazza ,Italy.The paintings descrive, with artistic freedom,subjects,images,memories,withnesses of Greek landscapes colours and art.

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