Franco Sumberaz is also in 'Storia dell'arte italiana contemporanea del '900',

edited by Giogio di Genova.






edited by Mario De Micheli and Nicola Micieli (historians and art critics







Biography 2006


Franco Sumberaz was born in Fiume, formerly an Italian city with a great influence of Roman history and Central European culture.
In 1946 he settled down in Leghorn where he has lived and worked since then.
After graduating from the Institute of Art in Lucca he took part, in 1964, on behalf of the Monuments and Fine Arts Office of Florence to the restoration of several frescos: Piero della Francesca in Arezzo, Paolo Veronese in Venezia and Bronzino in Pesaro.
From 1966 to 1988 he held the Drawing and History of Art teaching post at the "Liceo F. Enriquez" Scientific High School in Leghorn.
He executed various scene paintings for the Theatre of the Artistic Center in Leghorn, for the Naval Academy in Leghorn and for the Air Force Academy in Pozzuoli. Moreover he worked on behalf of the Air Ministry at "The History of the Aircraft and Ship" for the National Handicrafts Exhibition in Florence.
His paintings convey a deep and solid technical skill and formal knowledge, through the historical recovery of the figurative image as well as through informal experiences.
He took part in numerous personal and joint Exhibitions in Italy and abroad, the most important of which are as follows:
In 1985 Sumberaz was invited to an Exhibition of Contemporary Tuscan Painters at l'Espace de l'Union de Banques in Paris.
In 1986 personal Exhibition at the Unesco Building, Paris.
In 1987 he worked at the mythical story of "Pandora's Box" with Stefania and Claudio Pannocchia, creators of "Tendentse" , and producers of ceramic works for the most important Italian Designers (Mendini, Sottsass, Branzi, De Lucchi).
Participated with three large paintings to an Exhibition organised by Stefania and Claudio Pannocchia at the Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara.
In this occasion he meets Maestro Franco Farina (Conductor), who, after visiting his studio in Leghorn, invites him to have a personal exhibition at the Palazzo dei Diamanti.
Without doubt this was a very important year in Franco Sumberaz painting evolution during which he met the famous choreographer Micha Van Hoecke, with whom he strengthened a mutual friendship of ideas and aims and worked together on contemporary ballet pictorial performances: "La Dernier Dance" at the Dance Festival Castello Pasquini in Castiglioncello; "Dante Symphonie at The Ravenna Festival Rocca Brancaleone; Teatro Verdi in Pisa; Teatro della Pergola in Florence.
In 1992 he was among the promoters of the "Teoria dei Crinali", an art exhibition that was exhibited at the Town-Hall in Modena in 1993, and after that at the "Palace Bottini dell'Olio" in Leghorn.

In 1995 Franco Sumberaz was engaged in developing five works concerning "The Alchemy of Sound" at the request of Mrs. Cristina Muti, formal President of the Ravenna Festival and wife of Maestro Riccardo Muti: the paintings were exhibited at the Sala Italia in Ravenna.
He also published his monograph edited by Mario De Micheli one of the most qualified and accomplished historical art critics of Italian Art.
This monograph was presented at Villa Mimbelli Museum, at the Naval Academy in Leghorn, and at Castello Pasquini in Castiglioncello.
In 1996 Sumberaz carried out two personal exhibitions in Rome.
During the same year he created a large work "Orfeo and Euridice" that was exhibited at the Teatro Dante Alighieri in Ravenna and then at the Teatro Verdi in Pisa.
In 1997 he worked with choreographer Micha Van Hoecke at the performance of "Le Diable et le Bon Dieu" at Teatro Verdi in Pisa.
During the same year he won the International Etruriarte Prize in Venturina.
In 1997 personal exhibition at Villa Morrazzana.
In July 1998 he was invited by the Commune of Piombino where he had a personal exhibition at Palazzo Appiani.
In February 1999 he joined the Art Fair in Reggio Emilia, won the 6° Etruriarte's Prize, and during that summer collaborated with Micha Van Hoecke at the work "La Salle des Pas Perdu".
In June 1999 he was invited by the Commune Isola delle Femmine (Palermo) to a meeting concerning "Plinio's route".
In December 1999 he participated at the Arte Europea 2000 in Reggio Emilia.
In February 2000 Art Fair in Bologna; in June Arte Europea 2000 in Parma; he was invited at the Centre International de l'Art Fantastique - Chateau de Gruyeres (Losanna)…. En Centre metamorphoses… la femme…5-10 June 2000.In August 2000 he won the 4° Etruriarte Prize in Campiglia Marittima. September/November 2000 he executed five large works to be placed on the cruise ship "Knossos Palace"- Fincantieri Genoa. In December 2000 exhibition at the Gallery Davigo in Turin at the invitation of the Gallery Forni. In December 2000 he joined the Art Fair in Reggio Emilia; February - March 2001 executed five large works to be placed on the cruise ship "Knossos Palace 2"- Fincantieri Genoa. From December 2001 to February 2002 he executed three large works to be placed on the cruise ship "Soc. Grimaldi"- Marina di Carrara Shipyards. All the works were commissioned by the Architect Studio De Jorio in Genoa and by the Gallery "L'Affiche" in Milan. 2002 – Gallery Art Modern Contemporary of Piombino “Format – pieces”. NAVAL ACADEMY –LIVORNO Exposition “Around the Sea”. 2002 – Gallery Art Modern Contemporary – (Culture Office) Exposition “Parfume de femme”.- Woman in the european artistic imaginary. 2002 – Is present in THE ITALIAN ART HISTORY of ‘900 – (Giorgio Di Genova ed.- Bora) . 2003 Travel around Kenia, Malindi where works at 4 bigs dimensions paintings. For Grimaldi Company, and realizes 3 paintings that will be collocated on the Cruise vessel”La Suprema”. A painting is in the Art Museum Italian Generation of ‘900 G. Bargellini – Pieve di Cento “Imaginary Scenary” (edited by Giorgio Di Genova) . 2003 – 2004 – Creation and realisationof a big painting called the “Sacred Triptych” (three altar pieces ) given as present to the Pope Giovanni Paolo II. 2004 – Exsposition the “Divine Breath” in Cathedral of Leghorn. 2004 – Oct.-Nov., S.Agostino – Pietrasanta (Tuscany) “Art&Carte “ 2 Avril 2005, exposition the “Divine Breath” in Catthedral of Verona
25 Avril 2005 – Personal Anthologic Exsposition at Art Museum contemporary – Palace Farnese – Ortona.
December 2005- Art Exposure to the Embassy Italian of Berlin.

Plans 2006

Project for next Expositions:

-4 big works inspired by “Divine Comedy”(Dante Alighieri) 26° canto “The last Ulisse’s Voyage” n.8 graphic paintings (preparatory “schetches” for the 4 paintings.- Palace Florence- Rome – Dante Alighieri Association (Italian Culture Promotion at foreign). Onorary President: the President of the Italian Republic.The paintings will be exposed in the various centers of the same association all over the world.

-Mosaic for the turistic center 'Proloco'(Casal Borsetti,Ravenna): it will be important for the environment of the project of reorganization of the turistic port.

-Exposition in the United States, Florida.